Waterpolo Jamboree at the Canada Games Centre in Halifax

For the first time, the Canada Games Centre had a water polo jamboree for kids born 2002 & younger. The Halifax kids started playing water polo in September 2015 and wanted to test their skills with other teams. Two teams from Saint John, the White Beluga’s and the Black Sharks, and one Moncton team traveled to Halifax on April 2nd,2016 to play in the Jamboree. After a round robin, they played a semi final and then the finals. In the finals the Canada Games Centre Water Polo club team played ┬áthe Saint John Black Sharks for bronze. Score 7-10 for the Sharks. The Golden game was between the White Beluga’s from Saint John and the Mocton team. The Beluga’s won with 8-3.

It was a great first Tournament for the new Halifax team.

photo 1-2


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