Water Polo Canada honor’s its most deserving volunteers for 2015

Water Polo Canada revealed its 2015 Volunteers of the Year at the national federation’s annual general meeting held in Toronto in June, 2015. The group of outstanding recipients were selected with the help of representatives from provincial water polo organizations, and each was recognized for their significant contribution to the sport in the past year.

“I truly believe that water polo is privileged to count on some of the very best volunteers in all of sport,” said Water Polo Canada Executive Director Martin Goulet. “The Volunteer of the Year nominations are a small token of our appreciation for what we know has represented a lot of passion, time, and effort poured into our sport. I would like to offer my most sincere thanks and congratulations to everyone who has been selected this year,” he said.

The following individuals received the Volunteer of the Year Awards through their provincial sport organization:

British Columbia  John Stockdale
 Alberta  Irene Dernchuck
 Saskatchewan  Melanie Dzeryk
 Manitoba  Judd St Godard
 Ontario  Joanne Brown
 Quebec  Diane Bekhazi
 New Brunswick  Katinka Postma
 Nova Scotia  Jason Wong


Congratulations Katinka! As everyone should know, Katinka not only coached both the 12U and 16U teams in Saint John, but organized and ran the Atlantic Mini League and the Saint John High School tournament. A huge amount of effort and well deserved. There would not be any water polo in New Brunswick at all if not for Katinka and her dedication. Many WPC and Provincial folks came to offer their congratulations after I gave a little speech about all of her accomplishments in the past year,”said JC Besner, president for WPNB.

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