Atlantic Mini League

The goal for this league is to give our youth in Atlantic Canada more game playing opportunities. We have 3 clubs that are going to participate, Halifax, Moncton and Saint John.

1- We will have a league for 16U (born 1998-2001) and 12U (born 2002 and younger)

2- Each club will host the league and get pool time 2x this season.

12U will play 4×4 + a goalie with 9 players/team,

16U will play 5×5 + a goalie with 11 players/team.

We  have set up a schedule that we will use for each meet, so it is consistent, no matter where we play. The points scored in each league will be kept, so at our final meet in May we will have an over all number 1, 2 ,3 and 4. We will do something with medals at this final meet to make it more fun for the kids.

The schedule will look like this:

-November 15- in Halifax (Tournament for 2000 and younger)(13:00-17:00 Centennial pool)

December 6 – in Saint John (9:00-14:00/ 16:30-18:30 Canada Games Aquatic Centre)

January 3in Moncton (10:30-17:00 CEPS pool)

-March 28 – in Halifax (10:00-17:00 at Canada Games Centre)

April 11-12 – in Saint John (Sat.16:30-21:00/ Sun 8:00-11:00 Canada Games Aquatic Centre)

May 16 – in Moncton (10:30-18:00 CEPS pool) FINALS

Time for the games.

We will use running times to keep the tournament on schedule.

For 12U it’s 4×6 min.+2 min rest in between periods, 10 min to switch=40 minutes total

For 16U it’s 4×8 min.+ 2 min rest in between periods, 12 min to switch= 50 minutes total.


Our plan is to form Atlantic teams out of the 3 clubs for the different age groups (12U, 14U, 17U), to make strong teams to play in Montreal, Quebec.

We have the opportunity to play with:

-12U in the Presidents cup on June 5-7

-14U in the Presidents cup on June 5-7

-17U in the Gatineau invitational June 20-21

We will make a players selection during the mini league games.

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