Dalhousie Annual Spring Invitational Tournament.

On March 14-16th this year 6 teams attended the annual tournament at the Dalplex in Halifax, NS, including the two teams from NB, Tracadie and Saint John. For the Maritimes this is our most competitive Tournament of the year and everyone is always looking forward to this.
In 2012 Saint John won the Tournament and last year it was Tracadie who played in the finals against Dalhousie. They became second.
This year CAMO from Montreal attended for the first time in the history of the Dalhousie’s annual spring invitational tournament. A very strong team who won all there games easily (15-0, 20-2, 24-9), except the last one. The final game for the first place was against the tournament host, Dalhousie. In a hard fought battle, with lots of goals on both ends, Dalhousie was one goal ahead of Camo (9-8) at the start of the last period. Camo scored their 9th goal, but Dalhousie answered right away.
End score 13-10 for Dalhousie.

The winning Dalhousie team

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