WPNB makes telegraph-journal with “I love water polo” in NB

I Love Water Polo in telegraph journaltelegraphjournal.com – Sport really takes off after humble beginning | JON MACNEILL – Breaking News

Katinka Postma is no stranger to turning a vision into reality.

When she started the Saint John Water Polo club out of the Canada Games Aquatic Centre in January of 2004, Postma had limited equipment and only a handful of adults interested.

“It was really from scratch. I had one water polo ball that I owned and, luckily, a player had another ball,” she said.

I Love Water Polo in telegraph journaltelegraphjournal.com – Water polo movement rippling across N.B. | JON MACNEILL – Breaking News

When Katinka Postma moved to Saint John from Holland seven years ago with her husband and two teenaged sons, she began searching for a way to ease into a new country and culture.

An avid water polo player and coach, Postma sought to join a club in Saint John and was astonished to find one didn’t exist.

So she formed her own.

“Water polo actually really helped me to integrate and interact with people and make new friends,” Postma said. “We basically had to start a whole new life here and for me, water polo really helped.”