Atlantic Mini League third season

The Atlantic Mini league is proven successful in the past two years. The league is starting it’s third season and is growing again. This year we have added a third age group to the league for 18U (born 1998 & younger) The other two age groups are for 16U (born 2000 & younger) and 12U (born 2003 & younger)

The goal for this league is to give our youth in Atlantic Canada more game playing opportunities. We have 3 clubs participating, Halifax, Moncton and Saint John. Each club is hosting a couple of the league meets.

The points scored in each league will be kept, so at our final meet in May we will have an overall standing for the play-offs.

The schedule will look like this:

-November 22nd 2015 in Halifax for 2000 & younger

-November 28th 2015 in Saint John for 2003 & younger

-December 5&6th 2015 in Moncton for 1998 & y, 2000 & y, 2003 & y

-February 6th 2016 in Saint John for 1998 & younger.  (snow day Feb 20th)

-April 3rd 2016 in Halifax for 1998 & younger.                  

-April 16 & 17th 2016 in Moncton for 1998 & y, 2000 & y, 2003 & y

-April 30th 2016 in Saint John for 2000 & younger

-May 21&22nd 2016 in Moncton. Play offs for all age groups!

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